Love Letters to Him

Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Intimacy with God is...


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by Sheila Ford

Intimacy…He’s in to me see, never felt like this before
Attentive to every detail opening my doors

Listening intently patiently does He wait
Early with the sunrise never is He late

He knows what I need when I want attention
Appeasing sometime but requires growth did I mention

He told me I’m beautiful intelligent in my heart
Affirming what I’d hope to be confirming from the start

He likes what I like cause I like what He desires
We finish each others sentences I write He inspires

He’s here with me I can see even when I don’t
Think He notices all I need missed promises He won’t

He makes love to me that’s His will but there’s so much more
His way His smile His attributes I can’t tell you how I adore

What’s great to me how I can see what matters to Him most
That I lay down in me He’s found His glory that I will boast.


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