Sample Poems from Love Letters to Him

Eye Candy – In the Courtship theme

They have my name they say it’s a treat
Shaped and prepared for the male eye to meet

Delicious to the eye calling me candy
Wanting to paw hold and hand me

Drooling hoping salivating to get a lick
All for a cheap thrill arousing their stick

Sweet to eat they say wondering how I am
The more they want influence me to glam

This cycle is degrading bitter at the center
I can’t get out alone I’ll seek out a mentor

To turn this around and show me a new way
Forever putting off I must start with it today

Someone said I’d be an apple of an eye
Effortless yes I won’t even have to try

To make an appealing case for a surface dessert
When we both could have more building up the bigger Church

We are a body I’m a part of a plan
Creating kingdom interest not possible with natural man

Change your eye the window for the soul
Repair the breach in gender Healer make us whole

Week 5 - Eye Candy
Reflection question:
1.    Do you desire to be sexually appealing to people?
2.    Do you look at women or men with lustful thoughts?

Application – Learn to start controlling your thought life by considering what you are thinking.
Accountability – Tell a friend your thoughts and intentions over this next week.

Kiss me – In the Honeymoon theme

I hurt today no one seemed to care
The pressure of life I desperately tried to bear
I needed your hand to lay on my hair
To stroke my place needed only you were aware

I cried today no one seemed to know
The tracks of my tears only your eyes would show
I wanted you to hold me never let me go
Abandon my resistance never telling you no

Kiss me in those places only you can touch
Tenderize my temperament creating so much
More of your likeness sweetness as such
You see me destined to be purposed enough

I feel your breath upon my face
Kissing each tear with your grace
Even now you will erase
Tracks of my pain by your embrace

Week 19 - Kiss me
Reflection questions:
1.    Do you have a hidden pain?
2.    Would you consider trusting God to help you with this hurt?

Application – Would you pray right now and ask God to help you?
Accountability – Tell someone if you can.

My two husbands – In the Marriage theme

My husband was on another business trip.  They had come more frequently over the past year or so.  I had missed him but I had figured out ways to make the time work for me.  I’d become very accustom to these long stints.

I was a little nervous.  I knew what to wear “that” outfit.  I took a shower prepping to look my best.  Yes….and my favorite Victoria Secret bath spray…Midnight Moon.  It’s so fresh and clean.  I’m going to wear my hair up – it’s pretty like that (I thought to myself)  What else - my nails, teeth and just a little make up… check, check and check.  Ok, now the setting.  The room needed to have a feel.  The candles I bought last week would set the mood just right.  I’ll put my favorite instrumental CD in and just let it play in the background.  I could hardly wait.

But it was the waiting that seemed to warm me up to Him even more.  There was this tension between the anticipation and the anx.  I felt the anticipation of what to expect; what would He say, how long would He stay and would He come again?  Then the anxiety of what if He decides not to come or what if I don’t do this right?

I’ve never done anything like this before.  But I loved Him and well… actually more than my husband.  I realized it awhile back and finally gave in one night to His embrace.  .   .   .  completed essay found in book.

The other woman – In the Conversation theme

Just look at me what can I see reflection
The mirror keeps lying I keep hearing rejection

She’s there on his lap his hand around her waist
He can’t get enough his love for the taste

He takes another he wants her again
I try to speak don’t know where to begin

What did I do nothing it appears
I’m dying on the inside facing all my fears

She holds him soothes him never to let him go
I was promised power and authority do I need to grow

Where as I going seemingly caught in a prison
Life death changes His promise because He’s risen

Torn about abandoning the fight she can have him
Having faith in God knowing deliverance over sin

It is a journey not for the faint of heart
It starts at the end knowing the outcome before you depart

Winning victories is what you hear over the chatter
Knowledge she is from the enemy your stand is what will matter

Laugh and rejoice she is a fool to challenge the inner man
Defeated foe laid at your feet strong and erect you stand

Week 42 – The other woman
Reflection questions:
1.    Are you in a relationship with someone that has another woman? i.e. actual woman, drugs etc
2.    If so, how does this make you feel?

Application – What will you do to improve your emotional health?
Accountability – Will you pray and ask God for help?

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